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Riverview is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based out of Prescott, Ontario and Brockville, Ontario, providing comprehensive services in Landscape Architecture and Design, Landscaping and Construction, Product Design and Graphic Design.

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Billo is a hair gel dispenser with a uniquely tactile dispensing experience. Depressing the silicone membrane forces gel out the top. On store shelves the strip of coloured silicone, in contrast to the matte black plastic, is a strong branding element identifying the product and attracting consumer’s attention.


Users depress the silicone ‘bubble’ until gel is dispensed through the hole on top. The concave section on top catches residual gel and funnels it back into the container. An appearance model made of wood and vacuum formed styrene was made to look like the final product.




Form and Colour Sketches


Explorative Models

Early models established form and scale. These ‘sketch models’ allowed users to feel what an ideal shape and size for the container was. A working test model was made from a rubber ball with a hole in it and a foam base used to verify the unique dispensing method.