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Riverview is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based out of Prescott, Ontario and Brockville, Ontario, providing comprehensive services in Landscape Architecture and Design, Landscaping and Construction, Product Design and Graphic Design.



Wharf Is a birdhouse and sculptural installation designed specifically for the Ontario native Nuthatch. It is a visually striking water feature and testament to harmonious relationships between humans and nature. The design allows the option of using discarded telephone poles for manufacture. Wharf encourages biodiversity and is a safe and stimulating habitat for the Nuthatch who  love to climb up and down vertical wooden surfaces. 



Water cascading down the copper sheath creates a soothing sound for passers by and prevents ground predators like racoons from climbing up the housing. The large vertical wooden surface allows the energetic and social bird to show off to people. The hole locations vary within the nuthatches ideal range of housing height, and the staggered heights create visual interest. The intent is that over time the copper elements will develop a patina and more natural look.



Features include holes hidden from the wind and view by a copper cap. A copper ring offset from the wooden surface allows the nuthatch to hold nuts for cracking as it does in nature. 


Use Scenario

Maintenance workers should climb up, unscrew cap and clean out the housing cavity once in late fall when nuthatches have left their houses.



A steel support beam encased in a concrete footing is extended below the frost line  to ensure stability. The concrete footing houses a pump and pump cavity with risers to allow water transfer. This concrete case should be surrounded by a minimum 1’ depth of packed granular 'A'.